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Our Mission Is Threefold:

“To discuss the latest news on aviation with a cabin crew perspective. To tell your stories about our fascinating crew crew lifestyle. To give invaluable inside tips and offer the best online resources on how to prepare for the cabin crew interview through regular posts and videos”



It’s all about you!

How you view the job depends on a lot of factors. But one thing’s for sure though, it is tough.  Some find it so tough, it gets to the best of them.

In that light, I have meticulously pieced together a cabin crew life blog to be a common room where you share experiences and maybe pick up lessons that will enrich your already multi-layered career.



Improve your selection chances!

We  regularly publish tips and tutorials on how to prepare for that dreadful cabin crew interview.

You can browse through our latest posts at Flight Attendant Careers.

Don’t mistake this to be a training center though. 



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