Abu Dhabi Airlines To Offer Hyper competitive Ticket Rates

Good news to all Middle East flyers – two new Abu Dhabi-based airlines (Wizz Air Abu Dhabi and Air Arabia Abu Dhabi) will offer very cheap tickets!

You can now fly to Europe out of the Emirati capital for as low as 300-400AED (aprox. USD110).

How great is that?

Maybe awesome for travelers, but no so for the big legacy airlines in the region.

The Big Three of the Gulf will now face stiff competition.

Abu Dhabi-Based Airlines To Offer Very Cheap Tickets

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will launch its cheapest ticket rate yet to destinations in Europe for only 300-400AED.

This is approximately one-tenth of ticket rates on other UAE’s flagship airlines.

Even Wizz Air’s expensive deals such as Wizz Plus & Flex, which allow up to 32-kilogram baggage, are cheaper than other airlines.

Tickets to Budapest will cost only 1,050AED.

In Etihad and Emirates, flights going to the same destination will cost around from 3,250AED and 3,000AED, respectively.

“We are expecting bookings to pour in from September 15 onwards due to the low ticket prices.”


On Wizz Air, flying to Athens will only cost 1,100AED. On Emirates that would be 3,080AED on Emirates.

Moreover, if you want to fly to Bulgaria, you will spend only 850AED on a Wizz Air flight.

That’s even cheaper compared to rates offered by another major budget carrier in the region – Flydubai.

Meanwhile, another new airline – Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, will also make significant rate changes on their airfare.

It announced last Monday that it will add a third destination – Cairo, Egypt with impressive ticket rates.

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This shocking ticket rate drop of these two airlines is expected to change the airline dynamics in the UAE – and the region.

Both Wizz Air and Air Arabia Abu Dhabi are hoping to sell tickets in higher volume with their ultra-low ticketing scheme in this new normal of air travel.


However, ultra low fares sometimes mean low wages for staff.

Can these airlines provide sustainable salaries to their employees, especially in this time of crisis?

On the other hand, cash-strapped passengers get to fly without breaking the bank.

Photo Credit: Anna