Aer Lingus Cabin Crew Can’t Feed Their Children

Aer Lingus cabin crew lament over their meager weekly earnings which isn’t enough to pay rent or feed their children.

Thousands of cabin crew and staff of the airline are excruciatingly underpaid because of the pandemic; but the situation didn’t have to be this dire.

Higher management willfully refuses to sign forms which workers need in order to claim welfare support from the government.


Ask the airline bosses.

Aer Lingus Cabin Crew Can’t Feed Their Children

A worker of the airline who gets paid a little over €150 a week declared:

“We do not get paid enough to eat, feed our children or wash our clothes.”


Aer Lingus cabin crew currently receive only 30% of their pre-COVID salaries.

Commissions earned from onboard sales are not sufficient to complement their low salary and sustain a decent livelihood. 

Since the cost of living in Ireland is quite high, 300 every two weeks won’t be enough to support an entire family.


Aer Lingus workers were made aware that they are eligible for income supports from the government.

But to access this support, the airline’s HR and management have to sign off on the necessary welfare forms for staff.

The so-called Short-Time Work Support ranges from €81.20 to €298.96 a week.

This denial of the airline to sign off welfare forms affects 3,000 of their ground staff and cabin crew.

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One staff said:

“We are working for the national airline of Ireland yet we do not get paid enough salary to pay rent. We don’t get paid enough to live. We have been desperately trying to engage with Aer Lingus to get social welfare forms stamped and signed so we can claim help with the spiralling cost of living — but HR and management have so far refused to assist us.”

The staff came to the conclusion that the airline is purposely making their working conditions so miserable that they would just give up and leave.


Aer Lingus workers lost out on several weeks of social protection to which they were entitled because of the airline’s refusal to sign off simple welfare forms.

Why doesn’t the airline sign off these forms?

Will Aer Lingus lose money if these forms were signed?

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