Air New Zealand will make 385 cabin crew redundant in December.

The national carrier had already laid off more than 4,000 staff since March.

This is despite the initial statement from Air New Zealand CEO, Greg Foran, in August that they wouldn’t lay off any more staff. 

Air New Zealand Will Make 385 Cabin Crew Redundant

Air New Zealand just sent an email to its cabin crew announcing that there are 385 more widebody cabin crew than what is currently needed.

The airline’s COO, Carrie Hurihanganui stated:

We appreciate that our cabin crew have already made significant sacrifices throughout Covid-19, but sadly our international schedule remains largely limited by border restrictions and unfortunately there is not enough flying to provide sustainable rosters for the number of crew we have.”

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Air New Zealand reportedly had an $87 million loss this year.

This is a big blow compared to its $387 million profit last year.


This is yet another airline suffering greatly from the pandemic, and yet another batch of cabin crew taking the final hit.

Maybe they can take a hint from Taiwan-based airline’s “flights to nowhere” program to keep these lay offs to a minimum.

Photo Credit: airnewzealand