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Portugal is developing new, stringent procedures to address what it calls “negligent conduct” by airlines that fail to check passengers’ COVID-19 test certificates.

Airlines that land passengers in Portugal without negative COVID-19 test face hefty fines from the government.


Airlines that Transport Passengers without Test Certificates

Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, announced on Thursday that airlines flying passengers without negative COVID-19 test would result in fines of up to €20,000 ($22,400) per passenger.

As reported by Portugal News, Mr. Costa stated,

“Tests are now mandatory for any entry into national territory, whatever the point of origin and whatever the nationality of the passenger. It is the obligation of all airlines, at the time of “check in”, to only allow the boarding of flights to Portugal by people who prove to be properly tested and cannot transport anyone who has not been properly tested to Portugal. “


The Prime Minister went on to say that airlines failed to “fulfill their obligation.” As a result, Portugal started modifying its administrative framework in order to enforce the per-passenger fines.

The administration stressed that the measures would not be solely financial. Increased penalties for untested arrivals may result in the suspension of flight permits.

Although the Portuguese mainland will enter a “state of calamity” on December 1st, the government intends to keep the borders open.

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Portugal is not currently subject to another shutdown, as other European countries such as Austria.

However, remote work is encouraged and required between January 2 and 9.

Access to bars and clubs will require proof of vaccination, recovery, or a recent negative test result, and masks will once again be required in enclosed areas.


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