Alaska Airlines Use Boxed Water

Alaska Airlines is upgrading its in-flight water service to being more eco-friendly. Plastic water bottles are being replaced with 92 percent plant-based cartons from the Boxed Water Is Better® brand, and recyclable paper cups will replace the plastic ones for water service.

Over the following year, this adjustment is expected to save 1.8 million pounds of single-use plastics from flights, comparable to the weight of 18 Boeing 737s.


Alaska Airlines Use Boxed Water

Alaska Airlines claims to have established “the US industry’s first water service free of single-use plastic bottles and plastic cups”.

One of the most significant source of onboard plastic waste is the inflight water service. Alaska Airlines will eliminate 22 million plastic cups and 32 million plastic bottles per year by switching to more sustainable options.

Boxed Water was introduced early this year in first class and on Horizon Air flights, as per Alaska Airlines,

“The trial was a success with guests and employees, with surveyed fliers preferring Boxed Water over plastic bottled water at a rate of two-to-one”.

Alaska aims to be the most fuel-efficient US airline by 2025, with a goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

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Alaska Airlines’ Managing Director of Guest Products, Todd Traynor-Corey, said:

“Only 9 per cent of plastic is recycled nationwide – the rest ends up in landfills, burned or in our environment. Although we have an industry-leading recycling program, the reality is that we need to move to renewable options.

“Getting to this point hasn’t been easy. We investigated several options with our supply chain – and this year we finally found a product our guests love and a partner whose mission-driven values mirror our own.”

Although thoughtful on Alaska Airlines’ side, Boxed water does have downsides, and thus its boxes could be harder to recycle versus plastic ones.


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Source: Alaska Airlines


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