Passenger Removed From Flight

Newsweek recently reported that an Allegiant Air passenger was removed from a flight because he had asked a flight attendant to put on her face mask properly.

A video of this incident was posted on Twitter and sparked various reactions. 

Allegiant Air Passenger Removed From Flight

In this twitter video, you can see a ground staff escorting out an elderly man from the flight.

On his way out, he was pleading to speak with the captain.

This was the caption of the video:

“This elderly man was thrown off @allegiant airline this morning from Punta Gorda Florida this morning because he asked the flight attendant why he had to wear a mask and she didn’t have to wear one.”


However, a spokesperson of Allegiant stated that the passenger was thrown off for violating FAA regulations, and not for any other reasons.

“He was asked to leave for ‘repeatedly and aggressively disrupting the preflight safety briefing’. The flight attendants only ‘briefly lowered their mask to speak into the public address microphone so that the announcement could be understood’ .


The flight attendant put on her mask back in place right after giving the announcement.

Allegiant requires face coverings to be on during all phases of travel, starting from the waiting area at the gate.  

They also provide every passenger with a mask and disinfectant wipes to ensure their safety and protection during flight.

However, after this incident, several other Twitter users started tweeting photos and videos of Allegiant flight attendants not properly wearing face masks.

Another tweeted:


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One user claimed flight attendants broke their own health protocols and safety instructions.


Allegiant responded with this:

What do you think of these cases?

We have to lead by example, right?

Did these flight attendants, mentioned in the tweets, go against their own safety protocols?

Or were these passengers just a little too nitpicky with their observations?

Photo Credit: Thomas