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As a flight attendant, you’ll have high points and you enjoy your job so much that you believe it’s the best in the world. But you also have low points and think to yourself, Why did I ever become cabin crew?

Whatever you’re going through, remember that other flight attendants worldwide are going through the same scenarios.

If you’ve got time to spare during your quarantine or self-isolation, grab these classic books by veteran flight attendants as they share their insane stories about work, life and love in the cabin crew world.

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Stay safe and Happy reading!

6 Classic Books About Flight Attendants


By: Alyson Noel

What’s it About:

Revolves around Hailey Lane, a flight attendant on a mission. On her birthday, blissfully relieved that her current job assignment has been cancelled, she walked in on her man with another girl. Devastated, she was determined to get past the hurt. She found the perfect solution. What could possibly be better than free flight passes and layovers to exotic places to mend her broken heart?

Why it’s hot:

When you had a tedious day and want to escape into someone else’s world, this book is right on the spot. Moving in a fast pace, this novel is often laugh-out-loud funny. Clearly, the author knows the life of a flight attendant. Fly Me to the Moon is a delightful read!

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By: Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones

What’s it about:

This huge bestseller offers a gold mine of outrageous anecdotes from the high-flying and passionate lives of two adventurous young flight attendants of the swinging ‘60s. This book takes you back in time when flying was glamorous and sexy.

Why it’s Hot:

It is definitely a page turner. Almost like a historical artifact, Coffee, Tea or Me? jets you back to the golden days. A true classic memoir!

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By: Lori Jakiela

What’s it About:

The author takes us from her early childhood memories to the day she decides to be a flight attendant. Growing up with a wittily grumbling father and a pill-popping aunt, Lori constantly hoped for ‘Someday’ to come—and sure enough, it did. Through this book, you’ll be inspired by how she refused to give up on a dream.

Why it’s Hot:

If you’re looking for a book that’s as funny as it is dramatic, as heart-breaking as it is heart-warming, then your search is over. Don’t let the smiling flight attendant on the cover fool you. This book is so much more than that!

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By: Marsha Marks

What’s it About:

A compilation of short and amusing stories depicting the far-from-smooth life as a flight attendant. This will primarily remind you of how much an airline staff has to deal with – coated, of course, with the author’s distinctive humor.

Why It’s Hot:

Highly recommended for anyone in the airline industry. If you are reading for laugh-out-loud moments mixed with drama, grab a copy of this book and you won’t be disappointed!

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By: Rene Foss

What’s it About:

From the endless array of demanding passengers to the secret language of flight attendants, this book covers every aspect of a flight attendant’s domain. Foss equipped the book with real and funny stories, keeping the entertainment intact.

Why It’s Hot:

If you’ve ever sat on an airplane seat, this book will tickle your funny bone. For those of us who’ve had rough days and forgot why we chose to be flight attendants in the first place, this is an ever present reminder. A fun and light-hearted read!

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By: Elliott Hester

What’s it About:

You’ll be surprised to discover that being an ‘FA’ means more than just delivering safety instructions, serving drinks, and stalking the cabin to verify that tray tables  and seats are stowed and in the upright position. Plane Insanity will have you thinking about appreciating a mostly thankless job.

Why it’s hot:

Searching for a serious and humorous read in one book? You just found it! An intellectual and hilarious experience is in store for you through Plane Insanity.

Get it here.

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We’re living through a time which will be telling stories about to our grandchildren.  It’s invigorating when these stories will be about how humans remained resilient and that a little cheer could come out from gloom.

This is one of those stories.

A member of our Facebook community, Pia Pie, messaged us about one mysterious flight she had to operate on March 31, 2020.

I’ll let her tell it to you. Below are her words.

Flight Crew Go On Mysterious Trip

This is a story worth telling.

Two days ago, I was called out from standby to operate a flight. I was told by the rostering that I only had 30 minutes to prepare for my pickup. Although unsure of the flight details and where I was heading, I still agreed to go for it.

So, I grabbed everything I could take from my closet and stuffed them into my suitcase. (Gosh, I had never felt such a rush in my entire life.)

Upon arriving into our headquarters, I found out that we were to take a ferry flight to Cebu, Philippines and stay there for approximately 13 hours.

As we were going through immigration in Cebu, seeing that no other airlines were operating, this feeling of intense sorrow sank into my chest. Airports, especially international ones like this, are usually bustling with people from all walks of life. But, seeing it emulate a ghost town straight out of a post-apocalyptic film was nearly too much to bear even for a person who flies and visits airports for a living.

Still, I knew I couldn’t let my emotions get through me. So with a heavy heart, we checked into our hotel, had some breakfast, freshened up then got some rest.

When I woke up, I still could not help but feel sad having to travel and operate in Cebu for the first time, even though it was one thing I’ve been praying to God for. As grateful as I was, I knew something was missing; my loved ones.

Then I told myself: I was called to Cebu for a purpose. God sent us as His instruments to ensure that 412 passengers get home safely so that they can feel the joy of seeing their families despite the year’s rough start.


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As we walked our way to the boarding gate of Mactan-Cebu International Airport for a 9-hour flight to Doha our passengers began cheering and applauding for us.

As a flight attendant, I could not help but get teary-eyed not because of sadness, but because of the tremendous amount of joy I felt in my heart.I had never felt so good even just having a short layover in Cebu. It was at that moment when I realized that this was no longer just a job, but service.

We, the workers of the airline industry, brave ourselves to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers while sacrificing ours during these hard times.

We may be unable to go home and see our families when we achingly want to, but we find bliss serving our passengers so they can be with theirs.

From this, I know I’ll never forget that fateful 13-hour layover. After all, I don’t think anyone would forget the honor of being called a hero, one way or another, in someone else’s life.



When you feel that you’re treated differently by the general public because of the nature of your job, remember this story and these cheers.

This is just one charter flight from CEB – MNL – CDG.

There are definitely a lot more flights like this around the world – and even more unsung heroes.

I hope this help you get through.


Flight Attendant Lifestyle

My job is just about exploring exotic places around the world.

Although I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for anything, I know that the flight attendant lifestyle isn’t all glitter and glamour.

Instagram photos of cabin crew may show that we’re always braving the great outdoors, but our lives are a little less adventurous and a lot lonelier.

If you have those low days as a flight attendant, you’re not alone.

Read the story below of a scenario every single flight attendant goes through – no exceptions.

Doesn’t That Come With The Flight Attendant Lifestyle?

Tonight I got to my hotel. I went upstairs to an empty hotel room, changed, unpacked the things I needed out of my bag and got my uniform ready for my 4:15 am pickup tomorrow morning.

I grabbed my portable phone charger, my book, my hotel room card, and went downstairs.

I went to the hotel restaurant and the hostess looked at me and asked,

“How many this evening?”

“Just one, please.”

I sat down at the table as the hostess cleared away the remaining 3 sets of silverware and set the menu in front of me.

After she left, I sat for a second and stared at the mostly empty restaurant surrounding me in a random airport hotel in Columbus, Ohio. I looked at the single menu and set of silverware.

And for a split second I’ve never felt more lonely in my life.

I write this not to ask for your pity. I don’t want you to say, “I’m sorry”, or, “Well, doesn’t that come with the territory of your job?”.

I’m writing this because in that exact moment I saw the face of every single person that I wished could be sitting at that table with me.

As I picked up my book and tried to ignore the silence around me, I was also trying to ignore the longing in me for not just any human companionship, but the companionship of those who mean the world to me.

I’ve heard so many people tell me that I live an envious lifestyle. That in their eyes it’s “glamorous”.

My job requires a passport and in my short 25 years of life, I’ve been blessed to see and experience more than most. I’m not blind to this fact. I’ve never for one second doubted that I’m blessed. I thank God everyday for what I have.

But tonight, as I sat and ate my dinner alone in a city filled with nothing but strangers, I’ve never wanted the simple luxuries of home more. I wanted my family. My mom, my dad, and my fiancé. I wanted my crazy cats. I wanted familiarity. I wanted an old conversation and not just cordial pleasantries.

I live a crazy, adventurous life. Filled with hilarious stories, amazing sights, and numerous passport stamps. But no matter how many people I see on a daily basis, it can be a very lonely life.

So tonight – when you sit around the table with your loved ones and you laugh at each other’s stories and share your frustrations and delights about your day – remember that you’re blessed too.

Don’t take that for granted.


This story was written by Aninka van Staden and first appeared on her Facebook page. 

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[Featured crew: Bryan, posted with permission]