Cathay Pacific Imposes 21-Day Quarantine for Aircrew

Due to concerns that they may have been infected with COVID-19, all Cathay Pacific aircrew that travelled through Frankfurt Airport (FRA) will be quarantined for 21 days.

The move comes when three Cathay Pacific staff contracted the Delta strain of the virus after passing through Frankfurt.


Cathay Pacific Imposes 21-Day Quarantine for Aircrew

All pilots and flight attendants passing through Frankfurt Airport might be ordered to self-isolate for 21 days under a new regulation aimed at preventing the transmission.

The Hong Kong flag carrier has instructed staff to quarantine for three days after returning from overseas destinations where they spent the night, then restrict non-essential social interaction for another 18 days while undergoing daily Covid testing.

Throughout quarantine, crew are required to stay at home at all times apart from to purchase food and other essentials, exercise alone, and seek medical treatment immediately if symptoms appear.

The new rules took effect on November 17th.

It comes after the airline announced that two pilots had tested positive for coronavirus during a freight flight from Frankfurt to Hong Kong.


Once in another country, air crew must adhere to tight protocols as well. They must proceed to their accommodation as a group in private and planned transportation after landing (wearing masks for at all time).

Staff must then stay in their hotel room for the duration of their stopover, including mealtimes.

Staff at Cathay are urged to have a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccination – often known as a booster shot – as soon as possible.

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Cathay Pacific said:

“Where improvements are necessary or compliance requirements are not being followed, we will take appropriate measures and actions in accordance with our company procedures.”

“As an immediate action, we will step up our compliance checks at overseas stations to ensure Cathay Pacific’s health and safety protocols are being strictly followed by aircrew during their layovers.”

“The safety and wellbeing of our customers, employees and the community are our absolute priorities.”


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