EasyJet’s Uniform from Recycled Plastic BottlesPhoto Credit: Business Green

The ‘Sustainability Award’ was given to easyJet’s new pilot and cabin staff uniforms, which are made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, at the 2021 Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide Awards.


easyJet’s Uniform from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Every easyJet’s new cabin staff and pilot uniforms will represent the recycling equivalent of 45 plastic bottles when they take to the skies later this month.

The award, which honors individuals and organizations who are pushing the frontiers of sustainability in the professional clothing business, was shared with Tailored Image, a Northern Ireland-based professional clothing specialist who produces the novel uniforms.

easyJet and Tailored Image intend to use the equivalent of about 500,000 bottles every year, or 2.7 million over the course of the five-year partnership, to create the eco-friendly uniforms.

The new fabric is produced from high-tech material derived from roughly 45 recycled plastic bottles per uniform and is tailored to the airline’s present look.

The new crew uniform is part of easyJet’s effort to reduce waste, enhance material re-use, and seek out innovative solutions beyond carbon reduction programs.


Director of Cabin Services at easyJet, Tina Milton, said:

“It is fantastic to see our new sustainable uniforms being celebrated. Sustainability is extremely important to us at easyJet, and we continue to work every day to identify and implement ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint across all areas of the business. “


Managing Director of Tailored Image, Bernard Birt, remarked on the success saying:

“Our success at this awards ceremony is an achievement we are very proud of. Sustainability matters to us, it matters to our customers and together we are making a difference to our environment in a way that does not compromise either the aesthetics of our uniforms or the streamlined processes via which they are ordered and delivered. The recent easyJet contract is a testament to this and is indicative of our capabilities to manage even the most high-profile contracts.”

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easyJet’s initiative on “green” uniforms is remarkable, and the company’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of every aspect of its operations laudable.

What a perfect way to help our Mother Earth!


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