Emirates To Open Israel Flights

This is something nobody imagined would happen – Emirates to open Israel flights in January 2021.

This collaboration just shows the improving relationship between UAE and Israel.

Hopefully, this would spark more cooperation between the two countries and the rest in the region.

Does this mean peace is coming to the Middle East?

Emirates To Start Flights To Israel

Mid last month, Israel and the United Arab Emirates agreed to normalize their relations.

This move is a great progress in the Middle East.

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More collaborations between the two countries are expected in various fields ranging from healthcare to technology.

What used to be unimaginable is now happening.

We will see airlines like EL AL, Emirates, and Etihad flying between Israel and UAE.


At the moment, Ben Gurion Airport in Israel already gave approval to Emirates to launch flights by January next year.

The details as to the flight frequencies are still unknown.

However, it seems like we could expect regular scheduled flights between the two countries early next year.


With flights between the two countries already normalized, flight detours won’t be needed.

EL AL already operated its very first direct flight to UAE.

It marked the first time an Israeli aircraft used Saudi Arabian airspace.


What do you think about this initiative?

Will this be the roadmap to the much awaited peace in the region?

Photo Credit: Medium