Emirates Will Cover COVID 19 Medical Bills

During this pandemic, airlines are coming up with never-seen-before marketing strategies to attract the attention of today’s increasingly cautious and hesitant traveler.

In an attempt to entice people to fly on their planes, Emirates announced it will cover the costs of passengers’ medical expenses if they develop any coronavirus-related malaise.

Emirates Will Cover COVID-19 Medical Bills

Emirates passengers can now claim medical expenses of up to 150,000 euros ($173,000) and quarantine costs of 100 euros ($116) per day for 14 days, if they are diagnosed with COVID-19.

Chairman and CEO of the government-owned airline, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum stated,

“We know people are yearning to fly as borders around the world gradually reopen, but they are seeking flexibility and assurances should something unforeseen happen during their travel.”


Sounds like an assuring deal for me. I would gladly take up the offer.

But it does bring up some questions, if in the unfortunate event that I do get infected:

How smooth or difficult will it be to claim this coverage?

How long will the process take?

Is it possible that my claim could be rejected?

Will they be able to fulfill this promise?


On the surface, intentions appear to be noble and Emirates is reputed to have the funds to back up their assurances.

But the whole bureaucracy behind this seems a little daunting. The paperwork will be a nightmare.

More importantly, if Emirates is this generous and willing to pay for medical expenses for their passengers,

Why are they firing thousands of their staff?

Emirates states that this coverage is good until Oct. 30.

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Photo credit: Steve Lynes