Etihad_ Salary Cut Extended

Etihad Airways just declared that they will have to extend salary cuts of all employees until the end of 2020.

However, the new revised pay cut will not be as hefty as it was previously.

It will now be capped at 10% of every employee’s basic salary.

Salary Cut Extension

The extended salary deduction is now much lower as compared to the earlier 25-50% cut.

According to the Abu Dhabi-based airline, all other allowances will also be reinstated.

The spokesperson said:

“The commitment and dedication demonstrated by the entire Etihad workforce over the past five months has been greatly appreciated.” 

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This new pay scheme will come into effect starting September 1, 2020.

Back in June, Etihad imposed the first salary cut and announced that it would only be until September 2020.

That lead to the cabin crew basic pay getting cut by up to 25%.

Furthermore, salaries for managerial positions  and above were reduced to 50%.


Hopefully this new pay scheme will prevent any furloughs in the future.

It’s preferable to get a salary cut rather than no salary at all.

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Photo Credit: Pattharapong