Ex Airline Employee Faked IDs

Hubbard Bell, an ex-airline employee faked IDs to get free flights for himself and others on Spirit Airlines.

Bell used to work for Mesa Airlines.

As it is among the benefits of the job, employees and their beneficiaries can book ID tickets and Buddy Passes.

However, Bell got fired from Mesa in 2015.

Ex-Airline Employee Faked IDs

Hubbard Bell worked at Mesa for only four months which ended in October 2015.

Flight benefits are only valid if you are currently employed by the airline.

However, Bell was able to travel in and out of Los Angeles International Airport despite no longer being a Mesa employee.


In total, he created 34 free airline tickets for himself and luxuriously flew interstate without spending a dime.

He also illegally obtained information of other airline employees enabling him to book free flights on Spirit Airlines through their web portal.


This data includes names, start dates of employment, and employee ID numbers.

He allegedly conspired with other people to sell the stolen information.

In addition, he manufactured and sold fraudulent employee ID cards to fake travelers.

Bell was arrested and eventually admitted  to his crimes.

Bell is now facing a maximum of 20 years in federal prison.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on December 7th.

That’s a steep price to pay for those free tickets!


Meanwhile, his accomplices are still waiting to stand trial.

A lot of benefits come with working in an airline.

However, we need to accept that they aren’t for us to forever enjoy – unless we’ve dedicated years of service and crossed preset milestones with the airline.

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Who knows?
He might be approached by the FBI agent who caught him asking his assistance in catching the other bad guys.

Photo Credit: Activedia