apply For Cabin Crew Jobs

It remains a popular myth that experience in customer service is required if you hope to apply for cabin crew jobs.

It isn’t!

I met and worked with cabin crew who previously were in fields so disparate.

I flew with ex-teachers, lawyers, office clerks and even wedding planners.

I also met cabin crew having no work experience at all and being a flight attendant was the their first job ever!

Don’t get me wrong; having customer service or hospitality experience is awesome and somewhat beneficial. But it is isn’t a requirement.

Read along to find out what is more of interest to recruiters than a job experience.

What You Really Need To Apply For  Cabin Crew Jobs

Recruiters look at a candidate’s personality, not their past job titles.

It’s About Mindset

In his book Why You?, James Reed explains that there’s one question about you as an applicant that runs through a recruiter’s mind:

“Do you have the right mindset to make a truly exceptional contribution here?”


That’s the only reason recruiters ask all these psychology-induced interview questions about you and your work experience.

They don’t really care about experience – or skills for that matter – as much as they do about your mindset. Mindset beats skill-set any time.


Skills Can Be Taught

Airlines will teach you the skills to be great at your job as cabin crew.

But they can’t give you the right mindset to do the job. That comes from within you.

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So, don’t be discouraged thinking that you don’t have the appropriate work experience to apply for cabin crew jobs.

If you have the right qualities, you probably have better chances at getting the job the other applicants who have the skills and experience but lack the ideal mindset.

Always keep in mind:

Mindset trumps skill set.


Wish all the best in your application!

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