Fiji Airways New Conservation Campaign

Fiji Airways has released the first edition of Our Ocean, Our Life, an in-flight children’s activity pack and series of books designed to educate future generations on the significance of preserving and safeguarding Fiji’s magnificent yet vulnerable marine ecosystem.


Fiji Airways New Conservation Campaign

Fiji is the world’s first Small Island Developing State to commit to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

With the launching of five colorful ocean characters and a series of in-flight children’s books, its national airline is now advocating essential eco-conservation and environmental values.

The five characters teach children significant environmental lessons such as recycling, minimizing plastic use, turtle protection, climate change, mangrove replanting, and more.

When Fiji Airways’ international flights resume on December 1st, children aged two to twelve will be given a complementary activity pack to keep them entertained on board while also encouraging them to think about ideas to help conserve and protect marine life.


Airline Chief Executive, Andre Viljoen said:

“We know that kids love to watch the complimentary entertainment on the in-flight screens but with the launch of Our Ocean, Our Life activity packs, kids can take a break from the screen and get hands on with colorful marine characters instead.”

He added:

“What’s more, once they land in Fiji, kids can experience real-life conservation activities on a number of resorts which helped to inspire the characters and their stories,”

Mr. Viljeon expresses that they’re looking forward to teaching the next generation of explorers about the negative effects of climate change and pollution on countries like Fiji, as well as measures to safeguard and preserve it.

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The Our Ocean, Our Life campaign is in addition to Fiji Airway’s Every Take Off One Tree initiative which sees the country’s forestry department plant one tree for every overseas flight.

Since the operation began, more than 55,000 trees were planted.

Organizations appear to have learned environmental responsibility as a result of the pandemic.

Way to go Fiji Airways!


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