Flight Deplaned After Passenger Refuses To Wear Mask

Passengers of a Delta Airline flight bound for Atlanta aren’t very pleased with that one passenger who refused to wear a mask on their flight.

Her stiff refusal to abide by the mask rule had almost all of the passengers deplaned.

The whole commotion was caught on camera and posted on TikTok.

Watch clip below.

Flight Deplaned After Passenger Refuses To Wear Mask

According to one passenger, the woman caught on video is said to have already caused disruption even before boarding:

 “Before we even got on the plane she was stopped and asked to wear a mask onto the plane, she proceeded to show the person checking her in a note on her phone from a ‘doctor’ and they wouldn’t accept it so she was placed aside and then I saw her board the plane wearing a mask.”



Refused to wear her mask on the plane. They were gonna make the entire plane get off because of her and then she ended up being kicked off. #covid

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Because of her firm resistance to wearing a mask, the crew decided to deplane the entire flight and made this dismaying announcement:

 “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, we do apologize for the inconvenience. We’re gonna have to deplane the entire aircraft and then re-board. Once again we do apologize for the inconvenience this morning. We ask that everybody please take their belongings.”


Other passengers were obviously infuriated by this inconvenience and called her “stupid a**” as they were about to get off the plane.

They were all lamenting that they just wanted to get home.

The woman said in an earlier dispute with another passenger that she refused to wear her mask because it made it difficult for her to breathe.

One passenger shouted:

“We’re trying to go home. Nobody gives a f**k about your breathing at this point. Put the s**t on or get the f**k off this plane.”


What infuriates them more is when they saw that the woman actually was carrying a mask with her all along, as seen in the video.

So why didn’t she just wear the mask?

In the end, the antimasker got kicked off the plane. Fortunately, those other passengers at the back didn’t have to de-board.

When half of the plane reboarded without her, the previously hostile environment went back to normal.

Nobody loves wearing those masks, but if everybody is required to wear them in public places, what makes anyone feel so special that the law doesn’t apply to them?