Flights That Never Take Off

Due to the abrupt collapse of the travel industry, Taiwan-based airlines now offer flights that never take off. 

There’s no doubt that people have become bored and restless at home because of the worldwide travel restrictions.

Taiwan understood the people’s sentiments and their wish for an escape.

Thus they came up with the idea of offering “flights to nowhere”.

Flights That Never Take Off

These are flights where passengers check in and board but never take off. 

Flight attendant crash courses are also offered to children who wish to work in the travel industry when they grow up.

At China Airlines’ headquarters in Taiwan, 50 children enrolled for the cabin crew training. 

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The kids in the program all looked poised and excited, ready to travel in the skies with their flight attendant uniforms. 

These mock flights were created to help airlines survive in the collapsing industry.

China Airlines and its rival, Eva Air, experienced a decrease in their fleet when international travels were banned. 

Recently,  Songshan and Taoyuan airports have also started to offer these “flights to nowhere”.

Taiwan is known to have a very good standing with its fight against the coronavirus having only 500 infections and seven deaths. 

During the early spread of the virus, Taiwan immediately shut its borders. They then quickly implemented an impressive track-and-trace program.

With their efficient policy, they maintained their low infection number despite sitting  too close to China.


China and Eva Airlines fleet now fly domestically, with each flight lasting around two hours.

Both Airlines have said the flights in the coming weeks were quickly sold out. This just shows how badly people have missed travelling and going on flights.


How nice it would be to go on flights normally again?

What I wouldn’t give to turn back time and travel anywhere I wanted!