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The most frequently asked question we get at I Heart Cabin Crew is: How to apply to be a flight attendant?

Well, there are three ways to submit your application.

  1. Online
  2. Recruitment Agency
  3. Open Day

Read further as we explain each of these ways.


How To Apply To Be A Flight Attendant

1 Online

Go to the airline’s website and fill out the application form.

Keep your scanned photos – 2×2 and full body – handy.

Don’t forget to scan your passport, diplomas, work certificates, and so on.

You’ll be asked to upload them.


2 Recruitment Agency

Airlines receive tens of thousands of online applications every month. It’s humanly impossible for their HR staff to run through these applications one by one.

That’s why they use third-party recruitment agencies to receive and pre-screen candidates.

This is particularly true in Asian countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam and so on.

The agency will be posting the job listings through local newspapers and/or social media.

All you have to do is appear for a screening at any time during office hours.

Dress sharply bringing your CV and photos. You’ll have a short interview with one of the staff.

If selected you will be called to attend the actual assessment day for the airline.

Please make sure to act with due diligence when dealing with any recruitment agencies. Applicants were swindled in the past. Do your research and ask about the agency’s history.

3 CV Drop/ Open days

People like to call them auditions.

Open Days are announced through the airline websites or through local news outlets.

Before attending, make sure you meet the basic requirements in terms of age, height, marital status, and educational attainment.

The venue is normally a conference hall of a known hotel.

Anybody can join without prior invitation. That being said, up to 3,000 hopefuls may appear.


Usually, they start with a brief orientation about the company. A couple of videos may be screened showing what they expect from their flight attendants. Then the floor is open for some questions.

(Tip: to be noticed among the thousands, I suggest you ask a smart question at this moment.)

Each and every candidate will get a brief 2-minute interaction with a recruitment officer.

Customarily, you’ll just be asked to talk a little more about yourself and what you currently do.

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At this stage, you may be high strung. Remember to keep your composure and sell yourself!

See to it that the recruiters will love you at first sight. Show them your “X Factor” right on.

At all times, be polite, use courteous expressions; stay enthusiastic and classy; keep your excellent posture and demeanor even after the interview; they might still be observing you.

Once successful at the open day, you will be invited to attend the big Assessment Day.

All the best!


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