Japan Airlines Eliminates Gender-specific Greetings

Japan Airlines eliminates gender-specific greetings and will drop the traditional “Ladies and Gentlemen” salutation from all its English public announcements on flights.

This will be effective on October 21st on its worldwide operations.

Japan Airlines seems to be taking the lead among Asian airlines in adapting to today’s norms.

The airline previously demonstrated positive strides towards gender equality.

Japan Airlines Eliminates Gender-specific Greetings

In March 2020, it announced its giving permission to female flight attendants to wear trousers on board – which used to be a big no-no for years.

Yutaro Iwasaki of JAL said:

“We have been promoting diversity in the community since 2014, and this is one of our actions taken to treat everyone (the same) regardless of gender.”


Moreover, JAL also took another step towards gender equality by having employed the first-ever female commercial pilot on it subsidiary airline, JAL Express.

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Ari Fuji, a license pilot in the US returned to her county and was accepted by JAL.

She got hired in 2019, beating all the odds in a country where men rule the aviation workforce.


Airlines worldwide have recently shifted to gender-inclusive language on flights as well.

However, JAL will be the very first Asian airline to adopt this practice.


It will definitely be a very positive change to see other Asian carriers doing away with their traditional gender-specific practices.

We are living in changing times.

What do you think about this initiative?

Photo Credit: flygosh