LATAM Airlines Argentina ceased operation on June 17, 2020, leaving all staff in the base jobless.

The decision came suddenly.

Many among the staff actually only heard about the cessation from the TV News.

According to the LATAM website:

“LATAM Airlines Argentina has ceased its operations for an indefinite period due to current local industry conditions, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left the sustainability of the project unviable.”

LATAM Airlines Argentina Flashmob

Staff that were let go demonstrated their discontent in the way the crisis was managed in the form of a flashmob dance to the song “They don’t really care about us”  by Michael Jackson.

Apparently LATAM had already planned to downsize its operation in Argentina before the pandemic occurred.

Below is the translation of the video description on YouTube:

Where are the workers in the #NuevaFormaDeVolar LATAM?

We have been resisting since March the effects of business destroying, implemented right in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic: the projects that the company previously had on their agenda.

Salary cuts, aggressive ‘voluntary’ retirement campaigns, downsizing by sectors and other attacks against those of us who have spent years contributing to the operation of the company.

Finding out on television about the cessation of #LATAM Argentina operations was unacceptable.

Since then we have been coordinating with all sectors under a shared demand:

We want and need to continue working as aviators in the industry that we are passionate about.


With airlines around the world crumbling, staff are continuously let go and bases shut down.

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It is devastating to lose one’s job.

However, the sad truth is that airlines and major companies don’t really care.

They only do what what is beneficial to cut their losses.

My heart goes out to you LATAM Argentina.