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Lufthansa Surprise caters to passengers who desire to travel inside Europe but are unsure where to fly.

Passengers on Lufthansa can let the German flag carrier select their destination for as low as €69 ($78), after indicating which category they want it to fall under.


Lufthansa Surprise Destination

European air travel is resuming as restrictions are lifted. However, for travelers anxious to return to the skies, this might present a new problem: where should they go?

With a varied array of European cities, Lufthansa removes the burden of choice from the traveler with its ‘Lufthansa Surprise’ mystery flights.

There are nine categories to pick from, with costs beginning at the following rates:

• €69 ($78) – Worth Seeing.
• €79 ($89) – Arts & Sights, Go East.
• €89 ($100) – Follow The Sun, The Great Outdoors.
• €99 ($111.50) – For Lovers, Party On, Shop ‘Til You Drop, Urban Adventures.

Lufthansa uses these categories to highlight its wide European network while giving customers some control on their surprise destination.


Each category has six to ten destinations, with some appearing in more than one. Gothenburg, Sweden, for example, is classified as both Arts & Sights and The Great Outdoors.

The cost of the flights is determined by how flexible you are with regards to the destination.

Passengers can de-select certain destinations from a category, although this may result in a higher price. Excluding a city from Worth Seeing, for example, increases the price from €69 to €75. However, this is a great strategy to avoid returning to spots you’ve already seen.

Though scheduling a trip to an unknown place may sound intimidating to some, companies like Pack Up + Go do exactly that, creating surprise vacations for passengers who don’t know where they’re going until they arrive at the airport.

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Lufthansa Surprise, as it happens, isn’t a post-pandemic travel effort.

According to Condé Nast Traveller, the program began in May 2016. The scheme’s website states that travelers saved an average of €251 ($283) on bookings made yesterday, exemplifying the tagline “Travel spontaneously, save spontaneously.”

This would be the perfect experience for anyone who craves mystery and excitement.

You can learn more about this by visiting their website.


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