Memoir Of A Flight Attendant

Like thousands across the globe, Celetia Reinders was also made redundant due of the dwindling demand in air travel and airlines finding it extremely difficult to retain the surplus in staff.

Celetia worked for Qatar for just a little over two years.

It is evident that she loved her job.

As her poem below conveys, she chose to remember and cherish the positives.

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Memoir Of A Flight Attendant

Hi! I’ve been made redundant and would just love to share a poem with you that I wrote:

Here’s to:

Hats & heels & all the feels
Serving drinks & serving meals.

But it’s more than that- oh yes it’s true!
It’s CPR, LRBL and SAMPLE too.

Let me tell you what else I’ll ache for
Now that my wings will fly no more

Working when it’s your time to sleep
Memories my heart will forever keep

Call bells chiming throughout the flight
Falling in love with the world and its gorgeous sights

All eyes on you when walking in the airport
Having a fully stamped and worn-out passport

Magnets from around globe I now own
The pressure gauge needle in the green zone

Making customers happy and satisfied
Representing my country with so much pride

Missing out on events at home
But seeing places you’ve never known

“Evacuate, evacuate!” Inshallah only at recurrent
Making the PA with my South African accent

Seeing the Trevi Fountain, Taj Mahal and Times Square,
Petra, Great Wall of China, can’t believe I’ve actually been there!

Lipstick: pink, burgundy, red
Sleeping in that lovely LHR bed

Having my name mispronounced, nationality guessed
Appreciating mom’s food- the very best!

Airports & the magic in saying hello & goodbye
Yummy international cuisine (my oh my)

“What to do?”
A new kafou

Brace, brace
It’s all God’s grace

Missing connections and the flights I manage to catch
1464- you were the very best batch

Those casseroles gave me extra weight
But man, oh man these times were great!

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Standing upright to eat my lunch
Spending time with friends at brunch

Preparing G&T’s I’ve definitely mastered
Receiving business cards: I’m so flattered

Finding balance between room service and going out
Learning what other cultures and religions are all about

Thank you, thank you. It’s been riyal
I’ll miss counting all those SPML

Waiting to be cleared off the standby list
These things make me nostalgic- that’s the gist

The good, the bad, the beautiful skies above
Wherever I go spreading all my love

Shukran, Khallas, Yallah, Habibti
Constantly asking “what time is TOD”?

The lavs, the roster, I miss them all!
My US Visa- we had a ball!

My dear colleagues, I’ll miss seeing you at QROC
You’re hotter than Doha’s many degrees

My hat’s off but my smile will stay forever on
For the all these good times – thanks a ton!

Many hours of flying happily I’ll never regret
For my safety- I owe God this debt.

The friends I’ve made are the very best.
Cross check and confirm- my wings now gently rest.


This enchanting poem was submitted by Celetia Reinders, a former Qatar Airways flight attendant, and was posted on her Facebook page.

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Photo credit: Celetia