Nigeria’s Miss Universe ContestantPhoto Credit: @mariselle4

Maristella Okpala, a public health graduate and currently an Emirates flight attendant, says she is honored to represent “the whole of Africa” in the Miss Universe 2021 pageant.


Nigeria’s Miss Universe Contestant

Maristella Okpala, 28, competed in the Miss Universe 2021 pageant last Sunday in Eilat, Israel, with the hopes of adding to her array of beauty titles.

The Emirates flight attendant, who relocated to Dubai in 2019, told Nigeria’s The Sun that her initial venture into modeling was difficult since she comes “from a staunch Catholic family.”


“My father nearly disowned me, and in my early days in the modelling industry, I was alone. My mother and grandma were my support systems. But after proving to my dad that I could be a successful model with integrity, he became relaxed.”


Okpala was crowned Miss Universe Nigeria in September, with a biography on the Miss Universe website that reads,

“She’s a strong advocate of early childhood education and the prevention of child abuse. Through her work, she has been able to empower more than 1,000 children with free education by providing all the essential materials needed for them to study, and also humanitarian services to people living in the slum area of the Makoto community in Lagos, Nigeria. “


Before her travel to Israel, she stated that she was thrilled to represent the “whole of Africa” at the event.

Maristella won the title of Miss National Costume with her masquerade theme outfit in which she paid homage to her Nigerian ancestry.

“I picked this particular costume because I see a self-reflection of my cause in this Mmanwa, which protects children and women against any form of abuse. Finally, this costume pays attention to the strong will of women in attaining whatever heights they want to attain, no matter the challenges they face while reaching their desired goals. “


Miss Nigeria was one of the 80 beauty queens who competed in the 70th year of the global pageant.

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You can find out more about Miss Maristella Okpala on the Miss Universe website or on her Instagram.

You made us all proud Maristella!


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