Myths About Flight Attendants

We hear a lot of things said about flight attendants which are nothing more than just outdated myths.

These could perhaps be true before, but like all others, what we are and what we do now have greatly changed over time.

According to Coffee, Tea Or Psychology:

“The job description has changed greatly; the “stewardesses” of today are not just beautiful jet setters living in luxury apartments with a lover in every city – they are safety professionals. Their duties can be daunting, and a great deal of the time these men and women consider the job neither glamorous nor sexy.”

Myths About Flight Attendants

1 Flight Attendants Must Be Young and Sexy 

Admittedly, this was the case in the past.

Today, flight attendants are not restricted to young women with model-type physique.

It’s substance over form now. Efficiency has replaced physical perfection.

Experience is more sought after than youth.

Virgin, known for their supermodel cabin crew, is also taking this new direction by hiring a 59-year-old grandmother of 11 as one of their flight attendants.

The most important factor here is that airlines aim to provide gracious and intelligent service for their customers.

I must add though that most airlines outside the US and EU, such as those in Asia and the Middle East, still impose an age limit for cabin crew applicants which is 30 – 37 years old – sometimes, up to 40 only if you are ex-cabin crew. 

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2 Flight Attendants Are Just Glorified Waitresses.

This myth is somewhat insulting.

There’s more to our job than meets the eye. We’re the ‘911’ on board.

We can deliver babies or revive a person with no pulse by performing CPR and using a defibrillator.

3 Flight Attendants Are ‘Fragile’ 

Cough…Cough… Has anyone heard of Asiana Airlines flight 214 that crashed in San Francisco?

If it weren’t for the heroic acts of our fellow flight attendants, the death toll would’ve been substantially higher.

One of them literally carried injured passengers twice her size away from the blazing plane!

Those angelic and smiley flight attendants could be the very angels saving your life.


Still believe these myths about flight attendants?

Try being one.

Photo credit: Delta News Hub