Delta flight attendant

Delta Airlines lost billions of dollars in the last few months but announced that there will be no cabin crew furloughs.

What good news to hear amidst this difficult times!

With the collapse in air travel, all airlines around  the world were forced to reduce their flights down to 50% or more, leaving flight attendants in fear of losing their jobs.

Airlines are faced with the dilemma of having to furlough thousands of staff.

No Cabin Crew Furloughs At Delta

United Airlines is about to lay off 16,000 of its employees.

Hawaiian Airlines also notified 442 of its staff including pilots and cabin crew of their impending contract termination.

Additionally, American Airlines just announced that they’ll have to layoff a whopping 17,500 of its workforce.

However, Delta has good news for the cabin crew:

“We’re grateful for the continued rallying spirit of Delta people during the pandemic. With the overwhelming response of flight attendants choosing to participate in our creative staffing options – and based on our current network schedule – we are positioned well to be able to successfully manage through our flight attendant over-staffing situation”


In March, Delta Airlines lobbied $5.4 billion aid from the government. The money is set to last only until September 30th.

Thus, furloughs were expected without the government support in October.

But Delta found alternative ways to avoid letting go of its flight attendants.

They planned to focus on their top destinations and putting flights to niche destinations on hold.

Simultaneously, the large number of flight attendants who have taken early retirements and unpaid leaves helped Delta avoid any furloughs.

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Good job Delta!

Hopefully, other airlines learn from your example.