Partying Canadian PassengersPhoto Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Multiple clips of the party, which allegedly took place on December 30, were circulated on social media, showing unmasked people in close contact.

A huge bottle of vodka is seen handed around among passengers in one video, and a woman appears to be enjoying her vape.


Partying Canadian Passengers

Some members of a loud party who were seen dancing, drinking, and vaping without masks aboard a trip to Cancun are now stranded in Mexico after their return flight to Canada was canceled and other airlines refused to fly them home after testing positive for COVID-19.

Video of the party on board, which shows passengers dancing and drinking in the aisles, has sparked outrage in Canada.


Transport Canada is investigating the event and passengers could face heavy fines or worse.

Some members of the unruly group have now tested positive for COVID-19, according to Canadian media sources.

Three airlines refused to take them home for testing positive.

Their return charter flight from Cancun was canceled by Sunwing Airlines, while Air Transat and Air Canada have also rejected to carry the passengers.

The incident enraged Canadians, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stating that he was “extremely frustrated”.

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Among those who tested positive was a 19-year-old Quebec student who claimed she felt abandoned, not knowing how she’d pay for her hotel room for her stay had been extended indefinitely.

Rebecca St-Pierre, who is quarantined in a Mexico hotel, told The Canadian Press,

“The organizer just left everybody. I don’t know who’s still here. All the flights have been cancelled.”


She estimated that roughly 30 additional passengers on board had tested positive.


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