Passenger Called Flight Attendant A Waste

A note of a rude passenger who called a flight attendant “a waste” and “a glorified maid” has now gone viral.

This note given to an American Airlines flight attendant is now labelled as  “the worst note ever”.

The passenger wrote all these dreadful words just because the flight attendant told her to wear the mask over her nose.

Passenger Who Called Flight Attendant “A Waste” Gets Banned

She initially refused to wear her mask over her nose during the flight but begrudgingly complied eventually.

However, she shared her resentment in writing and handed the note to the flight attendant during disembarkation.

Something which no one would probably want to read in their lifetime.

I commend the flight attendant for submitting an incident report to the airline’s corporate security department.


Thankfully, they were able to identify the passenger and suspend her travel.

A further investigation is ongoing.

She is also added to the airlines’ “face covering refusal list” – a list of passengers not allowed to travel with them.


However, bad things didn’t seem to end with that note for the flight attendant.

She is now about to lose her job for another reason.

American Airlines is letting go of their junior flight attendants since the pandemic forced the airline to reduce their flights to about 50%. 

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Below is the memo from American Airlines Senior Vice President Jill Surdek:

IMG 2878

It’s heartbreaking to hear that this cabin crew had to go through all these hate words at work and then end up getting laid off.


On the other hand, it’s satisfying to know that this passenger got banned from American Airlines.

Perhaps she should be banned from traveling on all airlines worldwide since she clearly abhors us.

Stay positive. Stay strong.