Passengers Help Push Damaged PlanePhoto Credit: @PLA_samrat

Passengers at Bajura Airport were filmed pushing an aircraft when a tire burst while landing.

Since there was no equipment to move the plane and another plane was due to land, they had to manually push it to the side.


Passengers Help Push Damaged Plane

The remarkable video of passengers pushing the Tara Air plane off a runway at the Bajura Airport in Kolti has gone viral on social media.

The plane’s back tire reportedly burst during landing, preventing it from taxiing off the runway.

Meanwhile, another aircraft flying overhead was unable to land.

As there was no proper equipment at the airport, passengers helped the ground crew move the plane so that operations could resume.

The video begins with a glimpse of a Tara Airlines plane. As the video progresses, the passengers make a valiant effort to push the plane away from the active runway.

Only in Nepal,” one Twitter user commented on the video.

Another user stated that the airport should be held accountable for not having sufficient ground equipment.

From @GuyAirline,

“Ignorant ppl are making fun of #TaraAir’s video after a burst tire, can happen to any airline, but this is more fault of @hello_CAANepal who do not have required ground equipment in STOL airports it operates. They charge airlines good money but don’t provide the service needed.”

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The Tara Air plane was successfully moved out of the path and the second plane landed safely.

Shortly afterwards, the burst tire was replaced.

While news of unruly passengers are rampant nowadays, occurrences like this restores our hope in humanity.


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