Passengers Ignored Flight Safety Protocols

On May 10, 2019, a Jazz Aviation DHC-8 passenger plane collided with a fuel truck.

Fortunately, the incident didn’t cause any fire but 15 passengers were injured after they started panicking and disregarded direct safety instructions.

Some passengers even threatened the cabin crew.

Read below for the details.

Passengers Ignored Flight Safety Protocols

Investigation conducted by the Transportation Safety Board revealed that many of the passengers didn’t follow basic safety instructions.

The Air Canada’s Jazz flight JZA8615 took off from Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Toronto for Sudbury.

Due to poor visibility at the destination, however, the pilots decided to return to Toronto.

The plane touched down normally on Runway 23 at 1:26am  and started taxiing to the gate.

Meanwhile a fuel truck travelling at approximately 40 km/h, meeting the speed limit, suddenly hit the plane at 1:33am – twice!

Once in the front part of the fuselage and then at the back.

Flight attendant threatened by passengers during plane evacuation

A passenger who removed her seatbelt and stood up when the plane was still taxiing fell to the floor when the collision happened and blocked an emergency exit.

When the plane came to a complete stop, two passengers opened the rear exit and jumped out while the propellers were still spinning.


Most shocking was when a flight attendant was verbally threatened by a passenger:

“Due in part to increasing pressure from the passengers, including verbal threats from one of them, the flight attendant opened the main door slowly, because she was unsure whether there was an obstruction or hazard below the opening.”


As usual, many passengers stopped to get their carry-on baggage from the overhead bins causing delays in the evacuation. 

The evacuation took about two and a half minutes – way longer than the expected 90 seconds.

There were three babies on board – two were held on the lap, one was carried by her mother in a soft baby carrier.

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The investigation reported that:

“Both unrestrained infants were ejected from the arms of the adults carrying them. One infant hit the seat in front of her before falling into the aisle, and received significant bruising. The other infant collided with the neighbouring passenger, but was not injured. The infant who was held in the baby carrier was not injured; however, the infant’s mother received injuries to her back and ribcage due to twisting forces resulting from the momentum of the infant strapped into the carrier.”


The last to leave the plane was the captain at 1:37 who sustained a broken rib after the first impact.


It is understandable to be in a state of fright and alarm in situations like this.

However, panicking doesn’t help in any way, and ignoring basic safety protocols can lead to more harm.

Source: National Post