It doesn’t matter what airline we work for, we’re all hit by the reality of cabin crew jobs once we step on board the plane for our first flight duty.

Not how we dreamed it would be like at all, huh?

Watch below for some those some of those funny realizations compiled by Cabin Crew Vines on Instagram.

Reality Of Cabin Crew Jobs

1 “I don’t eat casseroles.”


2 “Cabin crew saying ‘Goodbye’ post flight.”


3 “Checking your very first month roster vs checking it a few months later.”


4 “That awkward moment.”


5 “The look on the cabin crew when a passenger asks this question.”

6 “What cabin crew can’t remember when making the landing announcements.”


7 “Sh#t, I have a door!”


8 “How the cabin crew run around the cabin on Top Of Decent.”


9 “Interview day vs what really happens on layovers.”


10 “All the crap you find in your pocket after a flight.”

Funny and pretty accurate, right?

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