€16,000 Redundancy Payment

A former member of the Ryanair cabin crew won her lawsuit against the airline over a disputed redundancy payment.

Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) Adjudicator, Breiffni O’Neill ordered Ryanair to pay Jovita Jocinaite her statutory redundancy lump sum payment of €16,008.


€16,000 Redundancy Payment

Ms. Jovita Jocinate worked for Ryanair since 2007, but was informed in May 2020 that the airline was closing its Kaunas, Lithuania base due to COVID-19.

Ms. Jocinate testified before the WRC that Ryanair gave her alternative employment at its Stansted base in the UK in order to avoid a redundancy payment, despite the fact that it was 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) away from her home in Lithuania.

Ms Jocinate, who spoke for herself at the two-day WRC remote hearing, explained that the Stansted proposal was unacceptable because she would no longer be able to live in the city where she had settled and would have to relocate to a country that was a considerable distance away, while still pregnant and with a two-year-old child.

She added that as a result of Ryanair’s reluctance to reconsider, she had no choice but to accept a new contract with Ryanair’s subsidiary Buzz and be located in Kaunas in order to support her child and ensure she would receive her maternity benefit when she gives birth.


Mr. O’Neill said that Ryanair’s requirement that Ms. Jocinaite relocate to London was “unreasonable.”

Ryanair argued at the hearing that, rather than making Ms. Jocinate’s role redundant, Ryanair was able to give her continuous employment at the London Stansted base.

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Ryanair asserted that she chose to terminate her employment and start with a new third party after despite the fact that she could have stayed in their Stansted employment.

Ryanair spokesman said:

“Ryanair is appealing this decision.”


The Labour Court will hear the appeal at a later date.

The redundancy payment she received is a great help in preparing for her baby’s arrival.


Photo Credit: Bartlomiej Mostek

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