Singapore Airlines Turns A380 Aircraft Into Fine Dining Resto

Singapore Airlines cancels its original plan of launching “flights to nowhere” and instead turns their grounded A380 aircraft into a fine dining restaurant.

The “flights to nowhere” scheme was supposed to be launched this month. 

However, this won’t push through as the airline found a new way to engage customers as part of its “Discover cover Your Singapore Airlines” initiative.

Singapore Airlines Turns A380 Aircraft Into Fine Dining Restaurant

SIA says that these new ideas came into conception after a “market study and a comprehensive review” considering various factors like “the environmental implications,  and their financial viability”.

“An idea for a one-off short tour flight, or a “flight to nowhere”, was also initially considered but not pursued after the review.”


After seeing the results of the review, the airline then converted its A380 aircraft into a fine dining restaurant which is now called “Restaurant A380 @Changi”.


The newest dining place offers the airline’s “signature international cuisine” and Peranakan dishes created by a Singaporean Chef Shermay Lee.

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There are only limited slots available for the A380’s pre-launch tour.

According to the carrier, those who dine at the restaurant will get:

“KrisShop discounts, a limited edition goodie bag and additional gifts if they turn up in traditional heritage wear”.


Movie watching can also be experienced by the diners.

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Restaurant A380 @Changi is set to open on October 24 and 25 and reservations are already accepted starting October 12.


It’s indeed a very creative move for SIA to turn its grounded jet into a pop-up restaurant.

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What do you think?

Should more airlines think of something to do with these parked aircraft and take initiative like SIA?

Photo Credit: singaporeair