Stop Charging Flight Crew for Water

Spain’s Labor Inspectorate issued a ruling requiring the Irish low-cost airline to provide “free drinking water” to its staff on board.

Noncompliance will result in a financial penalty for a major infraction.

This is appalling!


Stop Charging Flight Crew for Water

The Labor Inspectorate found that unless staff bring their own water, they must purchase bottles of the products supplied on board if they want to drink water throughout the flight.

Crew pay the same amount as passengers. The 500ml bottle of water was priced at 3 euros, as per the catalog available.

The ruling serves as a reminder to Ryanair that failing to provide free water to employees is a violation of Spanish labor law.

Ryanair rejected the allegations, stating their crew are provided with free water.

According to the crew, Ryanair hides behind the fact that there are sources in the office (crew room) where crew members can refill their bottles if they want.


They explain:

“But with current protocols, the crew cannot go through the crew room.”


Besides, given the hours they spend working on board and waiting before and after flights, one member of staff noted that even carrying water on their own is sometimes insufficient.

“If I have a rotation in the summer of up to 14 hours (the legal maximum), how much water do I have to carry in my suitcase? A 5-liter jug? Pay it myself? “


According to the USO union, the company emphasizes the necessity of hydration during flights in an internal manual of “Safety and Emergency Procedures” for its crew.

Article 38 of the General Ordinance on Workplace Safety and Hygiene, which establishes minimum workplace provisions, specifically mentions water supply: the employer must provide enough drinking water in proportion to the number of workers, “easily accessible to all of them and distributed in places close to the jobs.”

The airline is urged to comply with the order within a certain time frame and is forewarned that failure to do so would result in filing sanctions.

Denial of free water to employees is a “serious” offense in the prevention of occupational hazards, punishable by fines ranging from 2,451 euros in the least serious case to 49,180 euros in the most serious.

USO Sector Aéreo stated:

“This requirement of the inspection represents a courageous recognition of the Labor Authority before a company that systematically violates essential rights, such as providing water to its crew. We hope that Ryanair will apply these requirements without having to go to higher authorities and stop endangering the health of workers and passengers. “

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Ryanair’s procedure hasn’t been revised at this time, according to the USO.

Ryanair, take care of your crew. How can they deliver quality service to your passengers if they are dehydrated?


Photo Credit: Pxfuel
Source: Spain’s News

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