Waking up at 5 am?

Staying away from home for days at a time?

What would you trade to get these “struggles of a flight attendant” back?

About a year ago, before all hell broke loose in 2020, we had lots of complaints about the flight attendant lifestyle but deep in our subconscious we were somehow grateful for the opportunity to travel.

This video showcases a standard duty of a Singapore flight attendant, featuring Ms Charmaine Ang.

It was filmed back in early 2019 when everything was pretty normal.

Watch and remember what traveling as crew was like before this pandemic came upon us and consider that it may never be this way again.

Struggles Of A Flight Attendant

On the surface it’s a glamorous job and it certainly has its perks, but being a cabin crew also means being a away from family, fighting jet lag and waking up at ungodly hours for those red-eye flights.

The silver lining is you can see the world. 

Hopefully, it won’t just go back to the way it used to be; but better.

I know I’m coming off as naive. I merely strive to remain hopeful and positive.

Source: YouTube