Tell Me About Yourself Cabin Crew Question

You only have  minutes to sell yourself at the interview.

If you come unprepared, you’ll fumble with your words and be all over the place with yours answers.

Tell Me About Yourself  is the all-time most popular question.

So what do you answer?

Do you list your hobbies, skills, or personality traits?

Do you blab about your work experience or your major in university?

Sounds daunting? Fret not. We got your back.

Continue reading below and follow an easy rule when answering this crucial question.

Easily Answer The ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Cabin Crew Question

Not A Social Media Bio/Profile

Before everything else, resist the impulse to list all your hobbies and personal interests.

Don’t divulge your relationship status or family secrets either.

You aren’t creating a Bio for your social media profile.

What you need to do is summarize and highlight the experiences and achievements that  you want the interviewer to know about.

Show off what skills you have that makes you a great fit for the job.


The Formula

Kathryn Minshew from The Muse speaks of a rule called Present-Past-Future.

This is how it works:

Present. First talk about what you’re doing right now.

Past. Then go a little back to talk about previous experiences and what skills you gained from them.

Future. Finish with a look into the coming days and why you’re thrilled about this job opportunity.


Your answer would sound something like this:

“I’m currently a Guest Relations Executive at the VIP lounge of the Grand Hyatt, where I take care of high-profile guests. Before that, I also worked at a call center handling customer issues.  Though, I love what I do, I’ve always wanted the chance to be a cabin crew with ____, which is why I’m excited about this opportunity.”


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“I’m a graduate of Hotel and Tourism Management. I spent a year in Spain working as a waiter and learning Spanish. I’ve always wanted to be a flight attendant and it would be a privilege to get this job opportunity.”


It’s short, simple, and direct to the point.

It only mentions experiences and key strengths that are relevant to the flight attendant position.

The interviewer will ask more questions based on what you just answered and hopefully this jump-starts a  lively chat between you and the interviewer.


Kathryn Minshew concludes;

“And ultimately, don’t be afraid to relax a little bit, tell stories and anecdotes—the hiring manager already has your resume, so they also want to know a little more about you.”

For more on this, watch this short video.

Photo Credit: Sabrina