Transgender Sued Air India

A transgender woman sued Air India for allegedly denying her the job of a female flight attendant 3 years ago.

The Supreme Court of India will finally hear her case in a few weeks.

Air India previously responded to the court’s notice saying that there was no discrimination on their part.

Transgender Woman Sued Air India For Job Denial

The 31-year-old claimant, an engineering graduate from Tamil Nadu, had her gender reassignment procedure done in 2014 in Bangkok.

Back in 2017, she applied with Air India for the cabin crew position through their female-only assessment day.

She got through the initial screening stages until the group discussions.

After four attempts and never selected, she questions why she wasn’t short-listed despite faring well in the tests.

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So, she filed a complaint under the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2016 which prohibits transgender discrimination.

Claiming that Air India only wanted to hire females, she insists that they didn’t consider her because she was born male.


Air India responded that it wasn’t an issue of transgender discrimination and stated that she wasn’t recruited simply because she was not qualified for the job as per their requirements.

According to reports, the supreme court will hear her appeal in three weeks after being pending for so long.


Do you think Air India is guilty of discrimination here?

Or did they honestly reject her for not having met the basic requirements needed?

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