United Airlines Sued For Assigning Only Young Blonde Staff On VIP Flights

Recent news have United Airlines sued for assigning only “young blonde” staff on VIP flights.

This allegedly includes flights used by the National Football League (NFL). 

Moreover, the complainants also accused the airline for barring older flight attendants from working these flights.

United Airlines Sued For Assigning Only “Young Blonde” Staff On VIP Flights

Two flight attendants, Sharon Tesler and Kim Guillory, filed a joint lawsuit against United Airlines.

They claim that the airline chooses crew who would operate VIP charter flights based solely on their physical appearance and “stereotypical notions of sexual allure”.

In response, United Airlines made this statement:

“Flight attendants’ eligibility to work a charter flight is based solely on performance and attendance and has nothing to do with age, race or gender.”


In addition, United also reiterated that the average age of cabin crew on their sports team charter flights is 46.

This goes against the complaint that they roster only “young blonde” flight attendants on the said flights.


Cabin crew who serve VIP flights get more pay and stay at premium accommodation.

More often than not, they also receive field passes and exclusive tickets to games like Super Bowl.

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The two flight attendants seek punitive damages and financial compensation with their joint lawsuit.


Discriminating workers based on appearance and age is a very serious matter.

Are the cabin crew really handpicked according to category and type to fulfill the requests of these VIP clients?

Or are they selected based on performance with no consideration whatsoever to age, race and seniority according to the response from the airline?


But when we think about it, don’t many airlines already apply certain physical standards right from the start  during the hiring process?

It’s good that this lawsuit is happening so as to bring awareness to what’s really going on in all airlines.

This archaic assumption that flight attendants should be models must be abolished immediately – along with all the other obsolete misconceptions about the cabin crew.