WestJet Passengers Fined $1000 - 10

Two WestJet passengers were fined $1000 each for ignoring the mask policy.

These passengers refused to wear face masks while on board and were penalized after disobeying repeated directions given by the crew.


Don’t just ban.. Fine them!

WestJet Passengers Fined $1000

The first passenger was on a WestJet flight from Calgary to Waterloo, Ont., last June.

While the second occured in yet another WestJet trip. This time from Vancouver to Calgary last July.

Face masks became mandatory on all flights in Canada since April 20.


This is the first time though that fines were imposed for the refusal of wearing face masks on flights.

WestJet is stern and fast with their policy.

The first case happened only three days after WestJet announced the strict new policy for passengers to wear face coverings.

Failure to do so leads to consequences that include a travel ban for up to one year.


Why can’t people just follow simple instructions?

Fines should be on all airlines, don’t you think?

Maybe that way we might see fewer of these incidences onboard.

Photo credit: Tomás Del Coro