Before you say a word to the interviewer, you have already made an impression based on how you’re dressed. They are already making their judgments of your personality just by what you wear.

It’s basic human nature. Personal appearance and grooming make up for the majority of how people rate or classify other people. Even you have done it on many occasions when you’re meeting someone new.

What you wear says a lot – if not everything – about you. So, let what you wear speak only the best about you!

Dressing well is quite important here since this is an image conscious industry and for you to be successful you need to look the part. Read below for the top tips on what to wear for your cabin crew interview.

How To Dress Up For You Cabin Crew Interview

Business Suit

First off, you should wear a suit. Pick one that is in neutral colors such as black, grey or dark/navy blue.

The length of the skirt should neither be too long nor too short but should be medium height, right at the bottom of the kneecaps.

The top you choose should be a shirt or a blouse with a collar, preferable light colors like white, light blue, pink, light yellow and so forth. It doesn’t matter whether it’s long or short since you’ll be wearing the blazer to cover your arms.

(Important: Don’t wear any sleeveless tops or the ones with plunging necklines, please!)

I would discourage all applicants from wearing trousers whether it’s capri, dress pants, wide leg, boot cut, slim leg, ankle or even the Audrey pant. This is an interview not a venue for your fashion statement.



When choosing shoes, go for black pumps with a small heel and which should be below three inches as this is most comfortable for staying on your feet.

As much as ballet shoes are comfortable and open-toe or open heels are trendy, please avoid them as they portray a business casual or dressy casual look instead of a business professional look.

Please wear solid stockings the is skin nude or the color that matches your general complexion.



Your nails should be properly groomed by filing and trimming them to look nice, neat and clean.

When it comes to nail polishes, avoid bright colors and go for more neutral and nude colors such as mauve instead of white, or a ruby deeper red instead of bright red.

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Hair & Makeup

If the length of your hair brushes your shoulder or is much longer, tie it at the back into a ponytail or a neat bun. Keep your makeup as natural and subtle as possible.


Your image matters if you are attending a cabin crew interview. It shows your attentiveness to detail and gives the interviewers an idea of how you will be representing their company to their clients, both externally and internally.

The visual message that you send through how you dress makes a big difference in how the interviewers perceive you and ultimately determine whether you will get the job or not.


Coming from someone who has passed all the airlines interviews I have been to (but did not accept all offers though),
I suggest you wear something that is noticable. Simple but noticeable. People wear black and white all the time.
My first airline I wore a navy blue suit. The rest the wore black or grey but i mixed and matched the colors too. Just make it simple but noticabe. And be Neat! Hair up, make up on and a crisp suit on.

Your appearance makes a difference definitely but it will always be your attitude that matters.
Stay humble! And always smile…

Passed all these airline interviews:

Philippine Airlines
Qatar Airways
Cathay Pacific
Cebu Pacific
Hainan Airlines