Why Do You Want To Be A Cabin Crew
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Among the first questions any recruiter will ask you is Why Do You Want To Be A Cabin Crew?

It seems straightforward but a lot of candidates mess this up. If you try to answer this question on the spot, you’ll definitely be giving one of those boring and overused answers like the ones below.

Read on to know exactly how to answer this tricky question.


Why Do You Want To Be A Cabin Crew?

Before we begin, here is an answer you should never use:

“I want to be a cabin crew because I love to travel and learn about new cultures. I also love to meet new people every day and make them happy.”

You’ll have the recruiter’s eyes rolling with this one. This is over-worn, unoriginal, and disingenuous altogether. At all costs, avoid using this answer please!

Here are some other answers you should avoid:

“It’s my dream job.”
“I love to travel the world and explore!”
“I can’t wait to live in New York…”
“I need a good paying job to support my children…”

You’ll be shown the door almost instantly.

If you examine these answers, you’ll realize that they are all about you. It’s as if you’re using them (the airline) only for your own personal goals.

Now, of course you love travelling and seeing new cultures, but that shouldn’t be the main reason you’re applying – at least not the reason you want to be telling the recruiter.

In his book Why You?, Reed implores that your answer should mention what you have that they need, not what they have that you need.

When recruiters ask this question, this is actually what they’re asking you:

“Do you even know what the cabin crew job is all about?”
“Can you deliver what we need you to do?”


How To Give The Perfect Answer!

First, you have to know what the job description of a cabin crew really is. Then answer by listing your skills, work experience and aspirations that align with it.

Your answer should sound something like this:

“I understand that the cabin crew do more than just serve food and drinks. The job requires that we make a customer feel welcomed, important and safe. I’m doing just that with my current job as a waiter/receptionist/call center agent/nurse at company Y. This is what I want to do more of in the future – and of course, the traveling is a great bonus.”

If you’re a fresh graduate with no work experience, you can say something like:

“I’m a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management so I’m well-trained in the art of hospitality and customer care. I’m positive that my background will help me make your customers wanting to fly with airline X again. This is where I aspire to build my career around – at the same time seeing the world sounds very exciting.”


It’s important to have an idea about the working culture of the airline you’re applying to so you can highlight the values you possess that match theirs. Do your research about the company.

You can add something in the lines of:

“You’re a growing airline and it’s known that you take good care of your staff. You just won the best cabin crew award from Skytrax.  This is an exciting stage for airline X and I’d love to be part of it.”

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Tap into your creativity and make up your own answers using the ones above only as your guideline.

It’s always a great tactic to tell a story and add a little sense of humor.

Whatever you say, always smile and keep it slightly casual.


Now it's your turn:

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