Woman Open The Overwing Emergency Exit

Remember that viral video of a female passenger who opened the emergency exit and stepped onto the wing?

Apparently the comments were true.

The actual reason she stepped out is because it was “too hot” in the cabin and she needed some “fresh air.”

It gets even better; she wasn’t travelling alone.

Here’s what happened.

Why Did A Woman Open The Emergency Overwing Exit

She was traveling with her husband and children on a 2-hour-15-minute flight from Antalya, Turkey to Kiev, Ukraine.

The plane landed normally in Boryspil International Airport in Kiev.

As per standard, upon parking at the gate, the cabin crew must wait for the thumbs-up from the ground staff before opening the door for disembarkation.

Sometimes this takes awhile.

It can take even longer if there was a technical issue, which is what happened here.

The woman obviously could not stay put any longer and helped herself out through the overwing exit.


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You can see in the video that she also grabbed her purse.

Did she seriously believe that she was going  to walk to the immigration counters from there?

Did she tell her husband and children that she’ll meet them at the baggage claim?


After her brief stroll on the wing, she eventually came back inside at the requests of the cabin crew.

Airport security and police came to the scene, of course, along with medics.

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It was determined that she wasn’t intoxicated or under the influence of any drugs.

Yes, it was all her conscious choice.

Consequently, Ukraine International Airlines banned her from all future flights and may fine her heavily for property tampering.


Let’s not forget that she was travelling with her husband and children.

What parental example is she setting for these kids.

And oh…Poor husband.