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The Zero-G Attendant Seat, developed by Collins Aerospace, is intended to offer flight attendants maximum comfort during their rare rest periods. The seat is described by Collins as an “advanced position high comfort cabin attendant seat.”

Simple Flying publicized it on January 31, 2020, then why haven’t we seen it in newer planes yet?


Zero-G Flight Attendant Jump Seats

Aside from catering to passengers, companies are also developing new advancements for flight crew.

Collins Aerospace’s Zero-G jump seat, for example, provides cabin crew a pleasant spot to relax during those rare moments of calm on a lengthy flight.

The seat does not obstruct the emergency exit in any way since it folds smoothly into the wall when not in use which is critical onboard since anything that hinders quick evacuation would be prohibited.

When in use, the seat may be adjusted to a variety of positions during different parts of the flight. The flight attendant can use it in the same manner as existing crew jump seats do during takeoff and landing.

The seat is upright enough for a safe takeoff and landing, and includes a tray table for the flight attendants to put their coffees on.

Flight attendants can activate the reclining position by simply pushing the seat down and out during flights.

When reclining, the leg rest rises to give support for worn feet and legs. Collins claims that enabling cabin staff to rest and relax will result in improved customer service for passengers.

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Collins has done an excellent job with the seat design, assuring not just maximum comfort for the flight attendant, but also making it lightweight and unobtrusive.

Do these seats already exist on your airline? How are they doing?


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